July 21, 2014

Will you Help these People?

July 20, 2014
Hello everyone and thank you for coming here today. Before I write this message I would like to ask you to give some consideration to helping those people who are stranded in Syria. There are many refugees from all the trouble that has gone on over there. There are many, many people who are left without family members and are without shelter, food, medicine and safe harbor.

Two years ago I wrote a message when all this started over there and I tried to bring to the attention of the World Powers to intervene and try to prevent all this from happening. The response was cold. I cannot explain why this troubled me so much, I cannot explain it now. It seemed I could see the end result of all this before it came to pass. I have prayed for over 2 years for the Lord to show us some way to help those people. I finally received an answer. There is one organization that is helping these people and I think you should give them some consideration. It is this site, www.hopecharitable.org
Mr. Allen, whom I have communicated with much, has the same burden as I do for these people. I believe that he is doing the right thing and that the funds are not wasted, I believe him to be genuine and sincere in what he is doing. If you send money to them, be assured it will get to these people in Syria who are in dire straits. If you say we should be helping our own people here, you are right, we should. They do that as well, they serve the greater Norfolk area, help the homeless and provide whatever they can for them.

I do not want you to send me ANY money, I am putting this up because I trust him and so you have a source to send whatever you can to them. Can you really go through life without even thinking of these people? Can you eat and drink and live life everyday and leave all this to someone else to take care of? Do you think everyone over in that region or those Countries all have the same mindset? They do not, they want to be free like everyone else. They are caught up in a situation they cant get out of. They are dying from starvation, lack of shelter, medicine, hypothermia, and disease. They need our help. It is our responsibility as human beings to help anyone that needs help.

Your neighbor is not just the person across the street from you, it is the man or woman on the street, in any Country. Will we ever learn that we are all brothers and sisters together in this World?

There is one more man I would like to mention today and I have put his site up before, he is my dearest Christian friend, Bob at www.servingpersecuted.com. He too sends whatever he can get his hands on, thousands and thousands of pieces of clothing and blankets to give to the Voice of Martyrs, Which is another group you should keep in mind, they ship these items Worldwide.

I will forgo my message today, Helping other people is doing what we should be doing. Love thy neighbor as thy self, Love worketh no ill to his neighbor. this seemed important to mention, as there are millions of people in this World that need our help. How can you lead these people to salvation if they are not alive? You cannot, first you must keep them alive and then when they see someone cares for them, who they don’t even know, maybe they will see the Love of God in those organizations and turn to the Lord.
Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.


Posted by michael at 05:58 AM